Sykstus Trading Systems
Sykstus Trading Systems
We trade on our own account
We are members of the largest and most reputable exchanges on the international cryptocurrency market. We trade on our own account. We use self-designed trading systems.

High frequency trading (HFT) is our path to success
Our computers make thousands of small transactions per day. Every month, we generate a volume exceeding several million dollars. Speed ​​is very important to us. We have several servers located in close distance to the major stock exchanges to minimize latencies resulting from telecommunications infrastructure limitations.

Technology is the most important in our business
Continuous improvement of trading systems would not be possible without advanced data analysis. For this reason, we collect and analyze gigabytes of data every day. During the two years of activity, we have collected over 10 TB (terabytes) of stock market data.

We contribute to improving the quality of market functioning
Algorithmic trading increases market efficiency. We believe our actions have a positive effect on price stability, market liquidity and the size of bid-ask spreads.

We do not share our solutions with third parties
We do not sell, rent or provide trading systems or other IT services to external entities.
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